The New SmartPolish Brochure

We’ve been busy on a great new brochure for SmartPolish

Here is the final result of the work we’ve been doing for the last month or so for our latest Client, SmartPolish. We’ve been busy doing photography, compositing images and typesetting, assembling and print-managing their new brochure in time for Professional Beauty 2014 at Excel London this weekend.

It’s been hard work, with some new and unique challenges to overcome but thoroughly enjoyable. Photographing photo-reactive nail polishes turned out to be a little harder than we first anticipated and we learned that cameras don’t like the output from strong UV lamps! Finally we reaffirmed our understanding that excessively large areas of rich black (a method of darkening a printed black by adding levels of cyan, magenta and yellow) should be avoided at all costs! But then, when the client really, really wants it… how could we refuse? There were a few hours when we thought the final masterpiece wasn’t going to print – a very stressful few hours as the deadline loomed ever closer!

Anyway, all’s well that ends well… we made it, just in time and we love SmartPolish – the revolutionary one step gel – and look forward to more photography and design adventures to come.

SmartPolish Brochure Cover