Google Plus adds clout

If you’re not using Google Plus, maybe you should

If things on Marketing Coop have looked a little ‘dead’ of late, it is because we’ve been working hard on designing a new concept. Not really new… coffee table photography books have been around for ever, but as e-books? Sort of, but not really.

Why not? Everything is available on the web… isn’t it?

The problem is delivery charge. It may surprise you to know, in an age when you can download and watch films from the internet for only a few pounds, e-book sellers charge authors a huge delivery charge when people buy their books; Amazon charge of $0.15 per megabyte. This means putting anything more than a few images in an e-book makes money for Amazon, but not the author.

Working with author and photographer, Jon B Barry, Marketing Coop have been developing a website, Authors Novels to address this problem – hosting the large files on the website so they don’t have to ship with the e-book.

OK… but what has this got to do with Google Plus?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Obviously as we are beginning to add Jon’s books to Amazon (shameful plug for Jon’s author page) we’ve been starting the promotions – for a new website/blog this is always a bit slow, but one result truly amazed me. From a small post on Authors Novels Google Plus page, which has a grand total of 4 followers (go on, show some love!) I managed to appear in the number two unpaid slot on a google search. Not my own search mind you, I can’t replicate the miracle, but here is the screenshot to prove it from a search done in the States.


Authors Novels search result

2nd place (unpaid) in the search result from 5,280,000!