Google+ Page cover photo dimensions change again

Google+ Page cover photo dimensions change again! – While setting up our new Google+ Page for Marketing Coop, we were surprised to find that the dimensions for the Google+ Page cover photos and Google+ profile photos have changed once again.
Google+ page screen print

First attempt at Google+ cover photo and profile picture

We worked on a page for a client only a couple of weeks ago and the dimensions then were 940 x 180 pixels for the cover and 250 x 250 pixels for the profile.

Without looking, I dutifully prepared artwork at those sizes, only to have them rejected as “too small” when I went to upload them to the new Marketing Coop page. The dialogue told me that for the cover image they must be “at least 480 x 270 pixels,” so the aspect ratio had changed, and the profile photo should be “at least 250 x 250 pixels”, so that is unchanged, but now it gets cropped into a circle!

Working within the guidelines I had a go, and the display of the cover photo is HUGE – and at 480 x 270 pixels the image was nowhere near big enough as it was drastically up-sampled on the page. I doubled the resolution to 960 x 540 and on my laptop it looked fine, and I do like the new round profile photo which sits bottom left with web site URL next to it.

Very pleased with myself, on my way to bed I checked what it looks like on a high resolution 24” monitor and was less pleased… the image was a bit ‘soft’.

This morning I did a search, and apparently the new Google+ cover photo size can be up to 2120 x 1192 pixels – WOW!

So, now I’m going to re-work the artwork (again) to that size – I’m sure I have to use the absolute maximum to look crisp on a retina display.

An interesting aside from this; as pleased as I was with my new round profile photo, I decided to show it off on a couple of my Facebook pages – the Marketing Coop page, and my personal page. I discovered that on the business Page it passed muster pretty well and looked OK, but exactly the same image uploaded to my personal page got heavily compressed and pixelated. It looks like pages and people get treated differently on Facebook.

Anyway, having posted this I am now going to attempt to scale my artwork up to 2120 x 1192 pixels and see how it looks then.