Bidding For Work on Freelancing Websites

Is bidding for work on freelancing web sites a total waste of time and effort?

Last year I was beginning to think so. I bid on a whole heap of jobs and never got so much as a “thanks, but no thanks”. However this year I’ve had a bit more success, picking up one very good client and another who shows great promise. It has been quite a revelation talking to these people after doing work for them.

It’s not all about price

I was sure it was impossible, that I was competing against people living in third world countries who would work for a fifth of what I can afford to, and to an extent that is true. But, apparently buying “cheap” foreign imports can be a nightmare with misunderstandings, poor quality, late delivery, etc. Apparently some people are glad to find me, and happy to pay “over the odds” for quality. Sure, pricing must still be pretty keen… or “sharpen the pencil” as my old estimator colleagues used to say, but it seems that people are once bitten twice shy. If there is something you can use to differentiate yourself from stock bids at ridiculous prices, it appears there are still customers out there!

So, can I export artwork to India?

I doubt it, seriously! But today, just as an exercise to see how long this would take and hence how much I could bid for a large quantity of similar work I had a go. It’s going to be wasted on the client, so I thought I may as well share it with you.

Photo to line art conversion