Beware the blog faux pas

When your blog audience is international, watch your colloquial language or you may make a blog faux pas

Man shocked by what he seesI had to laugh this morning when I received an email from one of the world’s blogging authorities – here is an excerpt:

“Let’s be honest. There are a gazillion blog posts out there about how to build your audience.
You might be like, “*YAWN* Do I really need to attend a webinar on this?” My answer:
(Best Yoda voice) Your situation, it depends on. Herh herh herh.
If you’re getting hundreds visitors a day, have over 1,000 subscribers, or already make six figures from your blog, you are already rockin’ it, and you can safely sit this one out.
Otherwise, you needs to get your fanny over here and register:”

Now I like telling Americans I’m “just popping out for a fag” because it draws some genuinely amusing responses, but other than pointing it out as a blog faux pas I would never use it in writing. For anyone not familiar with American colloquialisms – a bum-bag in America is a fanny-pack… all very polite and innocent!