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What We Learn From Others – A Matter of Perception

Optical Illusion

We all see things differently, that is what makes us unique. I think we should celebrate our differences, seek them out in others. Discuss our points of view and either learn from each other or agree to differ. If we are open-minded we will usually find we have some common ground. If we discuss, we are bound to learn things we didn’t know. If we read, we will have more to discuss and more to share with others.

We perceive things dependent on our education, our culture and even our biology

The image attached to this post is an example of perception due to biology. I love optical illusions and to me this one is particularly strong; if I look at it too long I even begin to feel dizzy and a bit sick.

However, when I discover a new one I often show it to my wife and say… “wow, look at this!” She will look at it briefly for a few seconds and say “yes… what am I looking at?” I reply “don’t you see the movement?” or “don’t you see the dots flashing?” or whatever the effect is. “Not really” she says, almost pretending to see it a bit, to humour me. We all see things differently.